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Writing is half of what a manuscript is made of. The rest is about editing & conditioning the words to fit the context properly!
Reading through your write-up & feeling it doesn’t say what you had in mind is a misery! On top of that, the unbearable thought of getting it rejected ultimately!
Edinburgh Publication Editorial Team will reincarnate your manuscript with the best English editing services.
Our High-End English Editorial Team accompanies you through the writing & editing process. We leave no stone unturned to gain your manuscript accepted by the targeted Journal by sieving out all inappropriate language features, making it fluent, ingenious, & precise.

English Editing Services

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Publication Language Editorial Unit

How Does Our English Editing Work?

  1. We receive a Manuscript and the clients’ requirements from our Support Team.
  2. The manuscript is handed over to the subject experts in our Production Team, who are linked with the client directly for effective communication.
  3. The experts lay down a Manuscript plan to follow. The Support Team shares it with the client as a Manuscript Plan.
  4. All the necessary English editing of papers is screened and discussed among subject experts and language editors.
  5. Editorial experts work on the manuscript. Once the final manuscript is crafted, it is forwarded to the client and proofreading team for review.
  6. Once the manuscript is finalized, it is submitted to the targeted Journal. (If the client is at the
    pre-submission stage, an additional step of Journal Selection is added.)
  7. Response from the Journal is awaited. In case of rejection, the manuscript is redirected to the editorial team.

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You have our word on non-plagiarised content delivered on time, applying the best academic writing practices! We are a UK-based team working to help students and researchers edit their manuscripts according to the criteria of their targeted journals. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t selected a journal yet or journal rejection revisions. We are tight here for you!

100% Accountable

With Edinburgh Publication, there are no blame game scenarios. Your manuscript is our responsibility. By hook or crook, you will get the tasks done as planned!

Expert and Knowledgeable

Getting published is not a plain-sailing task! Reviewing previous research and repeatedly drafting a manuscript takes much neural work! Our skillful writers, editors, & proofreaders are available with their experience and knowledge!

Worth the Money!

A prime service at an affordable price looks like a genie out of a lamp! Edinburgh Publication is the right fit if you seek budget-oriented, quality publication services!


Will I get clarity about the procedure?

At Edinburgh Publication, transparency about the editing and submission process is obvious! It’s your right. Our support team will create a manuscript plan that will also be shared.

How many rounds of editing would I be allotted?

Once you are on board, we provide unlimited rounds of editing for one year on the project we receive invoices for.

What is the maximum time required to edit a 3000-5000 word count manuscript?

It depends on how much editing is required and the task’s urgency. The final word upon it can be given only by looking at the manuscript and predicting how fast and humanly it can be processed. Contact us for more clarity.

What type of manuscripts can be submitted for editing?

Thesis proposals, dissertations, research articles, and academic essays desired to be published in a renowned Journal can be submitted to us for editing.