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We believe that knowledge is most impactful when shared, and your research, insights, and perspectives deserve to be heard by a global audience. Our commitment to academic excellence drives us to provide a seamless and accessible journal submission support and process for researchers, academics, and professionals from various fields.

Journal Submission Services

Why Choose Edinburgh Publication?

A Foundation of

Edinburgh Distribution is inseparable from excellence in academic publication. Our journals are perceived for their thorough companion audit cycle and obligation to keep up with the best expectations of value and respectability in manuscript submission services.

Various Scopes of

We offer different journals that cover a wide range of academic disciplines. From humanities and sociologies to inherent sciences and innovation, there’s a permanent place to stay for your research at Edinburgh Distribution.


Edinburgh Distribution is inseparable from excellence in academic publication. Our journals are perceived for their thorough companion audit cycle and obligation to keep up with the best expectations of value and respectability in manuscript submission services.

Thorough Peer

Our peer review process is intended to maintain the validity and meaning of research work. Your entries are audited by specialists in your field who give helpful criticism, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of your research work.

Open Access

We are focused on making information available to all. Many of our journals offer open-access choices, permitting your research to contact a more extensive crowd without boundaries.

Pre-Submission Integrity Checks

At Edinburgh Publication, we are focused on maintaining the best expectations of moral publishing. We accept that respectability and transparency are major to academic interaction. Our severe ethical rules guarantee that the research we publish keeps up with the most significant level of trust and believability inside the academic local area. From plagiarism detection to conflict of interest disclosures, we take every measure to protect your work’s integrity and our journals’ reputation.

Plagiarism Detection and Prevention:

Plagiarism Detection and Prevention:

We utilize best-in-class plagiarism software to defend against any academic misconduct. Creators can confidently present their compositions, realizing that their work is secured and their commitments are unique.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure:

Transparency is critical to maintaining our perusers’ trust and the local academic area. Creators are expected to unveil any possible irreconcilable situations. It is fair and unbiased to guarantee that distributed exploration.

Withdrawal and Correction Strategy:

In the uncommon occasion that an issue emerges with publishing research, our manuscript submission support and revisions strategy frames our means to address what is going on easily and dependably.

instructions to submit Your manuscript

Presenting your original copy of the manuscript to Edinburgh
Distribution is a direct and productive cycle:

Select the Right Journal

Explore our scope of range of journals and pick the one that best lines up with the topic of your research. Every journal has explicit accommodation rules that you should survey cautiously before continuing.

Create your account

Assuming you are submitting interestingly, make an account of our submission stage. This account will permit you to follow the advancement of your submission.

Peer review Interaction

Your original copy will go through a thorough peer review process, during which specialists in your field will assess its quality and other factors for publication. You might get feedback and modification demands during this stage.

Set up Your manuscript

Guarantee that your manuscript complies with the journal’s arranging and reference style rules. Give meticulous consideration to detail to satisfy the publication guidelines.

Submit your manuscript

Adhere to the submission guidelines on the journal page. You will be encouraged to transfer your manuscript, give the creator data, and answer any inquiries about your submission.


Your manuscript will move to publication upon fruitful feedback from the peer review process. Our team will work intimately with you to guarantee that your work is introduced expertly and precisely.

How our Journal Submission Experts can help

Our Journal submission services in the Middle East offered by Edinburgh Publication are intended to assist busy researchers in exploring complex submission strategies quickly and effortlessly. This incorporates help with:

Experts can help

Organize your manuscript to guarantee it meets explicit rules given by your target journal.

Finishing the registration process on the journal site, making your profile, & composing submissions and subtleties for journal correspondence

Make a powerful introductory letter that can expand your possibilities of journal acceptance

Transferring your work alongside any supporting archives that are expected by the journal or online entrance

Resubmission of your composition at a 30% markdown on the off chance that you select journal submission as a solitary help


What sorts of research papers do you accept for submission?

Edinburgh Publication invites a wide variety of research papers across different academic disciplines. We acknowledge unique research articles, audits, contextual analyses, and others. Every journal might have explicit submission models, so kindly audit the journal rules for subtleties.

How long does the peer-review process regularly require?

The length of the peer-review cycle can differ depending on the requirements of the research, the accessibility of reviewers, and the particular journal. All things considered, it can take a little while to a couple of months. We endeavor to guarantee an intensive and productive survey process while keeping up with the best principles.

Is there a publication expense related to presenting my manuscript?

Some of our journals might have publication charges, while others offer open-access choices. The particular charges and approaches can fluctuate by journal. We suggest checking the journal submission rules for publication expenses.

Can I submit my manuscript to multiple journals simultaneously?

We discourage simultaneous submissions to multiple journals to maintain ethical publishing practices presenting your composition to each journal in turn is fundamental. If your original manuscript isn’t approved by one journal, you are free to submit it to another.