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Unlock the full potential of your research with Edinburgh Publication’s comprehensive Publication Support Services. We understand the intricacies of the academic publishing landscape, and our UK-based team of academic professionals is dedicated to guiding you through the entire journey.

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At Edinburgh Publication, we perceive that exploring the complicated universe of academic publication can be challenging. That is the reason we offer an extensive set-up of research manuscripts to help support journal acceptance, guaranteeing your exploration arrives at its maximum capacity on the worldwide stage.

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· What is a pre-submission peer review, and why is it important?

A pre-submission peer review is a basic assessment of your original copy before submitting it to a diary. It distinguishes and corrects possible issues, expanding your possibilities of acknowledgment by fulfilling worldwide publishing guidelines.

· How do you assist in journal selection?

Our specialists break down your research extension and importance to suggest appropriate journals. We consider factors like effect variables, audience, and importance to guarantee your exploration arrives at the right per users.

· What if my paper gets rejected? How can you help with resubmission?

If your paper faces dismissal, our resubmission helps incorporate a nitty gritty examination of commentator remarks. We guide you in making essential upgrades to improve acknowledgment possibilities.

· What is the importance of writing and thesis editing services?

Our writing and thesis editing services improve the overall quality of your work. We enhance clarity, structure, and academic rigor, compelling your research.

· Do you offer language polishing for non-native English speakers?

Absolutely! Our language polishing services are designed to improve the readability and precision of your research, regardless of your native language.