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Scientific research is a service to Science! Bringing content to the page takes a lot of sweat and hard work!
Rejection is the most feared consequence of scientific writing. Despite multiple revisions and editing, there is always room for improvement in the manuscript, with the question haunting one’s mind,

“Is my research worth publishing?”

Edinburgh Publication’s scientific writers, knowing the nuances of scientific writing and the laborious task of manuscript editing, are one call away! We are here to accompany you through proofreaders for scientific points and high Impact scientific editing and revising your scientific manuscript.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, confused about research and publication, or have a doctorate with many projects on your table.

Scientific Editing
Editing Scientific Manuscripts

Editing Manuscripts Made Easy With Our Scientific Experts

Make It Work With Our Team

We have your back on all Technical edits your manuscript requires, such as;

  • Graphical representations
  • Ease of readability
  • Image editing and captioning
  • Referencing and citation style editing
  • Removing Plagiarism by Paraphrasing
Scientific Editing

How Edinburgh Publication Editorial Team Work?

  1. We receive a Manuscript and the clients’ requirements from our Support Team.
  2. The manuscript is handed over to the subject experts in our Production Team linked with the client directly to negotiate the process as a team!
  3. The experts lay down a Manuscript plan to follow. The Support Team shares it with the client as a Manuscript Plan.
  4. All the necessary edits are screened and discussed with the experts by the editorial team.
  5. Editorial experts work on the manuscript. Once the final manuscript is crafted, it is forwarded to the client and proofreading team for review.
  6. The finalised manuscript is sent for peer review.
  7. The review report is shared with the client. The necessary edits are made.
  8. The final manuscript is emailed to the client.

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You have our word on non-plagiarised content delivered on time, applying the best academic writing practices! We are a UK-based team working to help students and researchers write and edit their manuscripts according to the criteria of their targeted journals.
No more screen-worshipping nights, rejection emails, and not to forget the panic of approaching submission deadlines! Your 24/7 research writing, editing, and publication support team is one call away


How is a Scientific article different from other academic articles?

Scientific writing is more empirical and proof-based than any other form of academic writing. The most prominent feature differentiating it from other articles is the format that flows as IMRAD-Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion. The methodology is the characteristic step of the scientific method and writing.

What services are included in Scientific editing services?

We provide plagiarism checks, proofreading, rephrasing, formatting, and mock peer review. One year-round resubmission services will be provided if the client asks us to. However, for further clarity, get on a free call with us!

Do you guys offer a mock Peer Review?

Certainly! We make all possible efforts to ensure that our manuscript is free of loose points to get rejected. The peer review report is discussed with the client as a policy of clarity at Edinburgh Publication

What are the criteria for pricing?

It depends upon the services selected. Pre-designed packages are standardised according to the usually required services for different projects. We can design a custom plan with you that matches your unique needs