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Modifying Your Manuscript to Perfection!

Thesis and dissertations might be a nightmare for some! However, it’s a milestone in one’s academic life that is inevitable to be accomplished.

A good thesis statement or dissertation represents how well you have addressed and supported the argument in your manuscript which is the pillar of our thesis editing services in Middle East by our Ph.D. experts.

All efforts drain to nothing when you find your words not advocating your case strongly enough!

On top of this tragedy, fearing rejection takes away all the peace from one’s life!

The tricky part is achieving clarity and soundness, for which we turn to re-read and rewrite our manuscripts. It’s horrifying to read what you wrote and feel that your thousands of words are falling in the wrong place.

But Not Anymore!

Your door to ease of thesis editing is one click away!

the Chances of Thesis

Your Thesis Editorial Team in Edinburgh

Team up With Professionals

Editing a voluminous thesis demands focus, reviewing, proofreading, and authority, which is quite challenging for a research student and sometimes a doctorate to keep up with!
You can count on our UK experienced thesis editor when you need help with editing.

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Our Manuscript guidelines

Improving Language Aspects of the

You don’t have to risk our thesis submission! Our Thesis Editing Experts skim out all immature language compositions from your dissertation, such as:

  • improper synonyms
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Spelling
  • Paragraphing
  • Repetition of content
  • Tone of the manuscript
Improving Language Aspects
Clarity of Argument and Logic

Clarity of Argument and Logic!

A dissertation with ambiguous arguments based on inappropriate premises is not what you would want to produce for a Journal or your instructor in college!
Knowing this fact, our experts scan the critical flaws in your manuscript, rationally aligning your views by:

  • One-on-one discussion with you
  • Researching the contemporary findings
  • Pre-submission Peer Reviews

Manuscript Formatting

Every Journal has its Thesis submission guidelines for the researcher to follow. We are here for this technical workout! Our thesis editing team formats all aspects of a manuscript, such as,

  • References
  • Index
  • Bibliographies
  • Graphical Data
  • Pictorial representations
Manuscript Formatting

Thesis Services That Transform Your Research

Critical Analyses andProofreading

We critically analyze your argument in your thesis or dissertation & strengthen it with more logical arguments & contemporary research.

Typesetting TheManuscript

Formatting is inevitable! Our team will do this task for you, saving you time for other tasks on your list.

Discipline-OrientedLanguage Usage

Subject experts edit your manuscript nearly perfectly, giving a professional impression of your writing.

How Things Work at Edinburgh

We receive a Manuscript and the clients’ requirements from our Support Team
The manuscript is handed over to the subject experienced in our Production Team who are linked with the client directly to negotiate the process as a team!
The experts lay down a Manuscript editing plan to follow. The Support Team shares it with the client as a Manuscript Plan
Editorial experts work on the manuscript. Once the final manuscript is crafted, it is forwarded to the client and proofreading team for review.
Once the manuscript is finalised, it is shared with the client for feedback

Edinburgh Publication
A bona fide Publication Brand!

You have our word on non-plagiarised content, delivered on time, with the application of the best editing practices! We are a UK-based team working to help students and researchers edit their manuscripts according to their targeted journals’ criteria. No more screen-worshipping nights, rejection emails, and not to forget the panic of approaching submission deadlines! Your 24/7 research publication support is one call away


With Edinburgh Publication, your unique ideas and arguments are safe. Your manuscripts will never be misused for any other thesis in the pipeline at our company. To bridge any gap in getting the hang of things, we prefer one-on-one calls of our experts with our clients rather than involving a third party


To assure the authenticity of your work, we provide you with plagiarism check reports by Turnitin and iThenticate. No AI-powered tool is used for composition at any stage of thesis editing by any of our experts


We keep clients aware of each step of their thesis editing. For this purpose, we provide a manuscript editing plan to our clients made by the experts leading that project, which helps them to stay aware of the progress made in their manuscript, leaving little room for doubt at the customers’ end!


What is the difference between Thesis and Dissertation?

A thesis is a document that shows your study on a topic based on previously published research. On the contrary, the Dissertation has an element of surprise, i.e., it always contains the research contribution in his discipline

Will I be helped with the submission process also?

Yes. We give our clients unlimited rounds of editing and journal submission for a year. However, we take one project from a client at a time

Are you into giving a sample of your editing for my satisfaction?

Sure. We can showcase our editing skills in a sample for your satisfaction. Our editor will edit 250-350 words from your thesis or dissertation

Can you help edit my thesis if a journal has already rejected it?

Definitely! Our experts will go through the reason for the rejection of your thesis, make the necessary edits, and share the edited manuscript with you