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Edinburgh Publication Service is your trusted partner in the world of academic publishing. We understand the challenges and nuances of the process, and we’re here to support you in every step of your journey. Whether you’re an academic based in the vibrant city of Edinburgh or in the Middle East, including regions such as Dubai, Iraq, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, and the broader Gulf area, we provide comprehensive Journal Submission and Article Publishing Writing Services from scratch to ensure your research and insights reach a global audience

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About Edinburgh Publication

Edinburgh Distribution Administration is something beyond a specialist co-op; we’re a local area of committed UK-based academic experts who are energetic about academic excellence and information scattering. Our central command is decisively situated in Edinburgh, a city eminent for its rich academic legacy and commitment to the universe of research. We are inspired by this custom and are focused on maintaining the best expectations in academic publications.

Serving the Middle East &

Our span goes past the Unified Realm; we gladly serve the Center East, a locale known for its developing academic impact and commitments to different fields. We take special care of researchers, scientists, and creators across the Center East, including Dubai, Iraq, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, and the Inlet district. Our worldwide presence permits us to interface with experts from different foundations, guaranteeing that their significant commitments are perceived, regarded, and published on a worldwide scale

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Submission from Scratch

Submission from Scratch:
Our Center Concentration

At Edinburgh Publication Services, our center spotlight is on directing you through the complex course of submission. We have practical experience in offering solutions, from beginning to final, to guarantee your research gains the appreciation it deserves.

Our Journal Submission Process

Our way of dealing with journal submissions is the easiest and most comprehensive. We know how to help our clients and how to produce excellent results in the easiest way possible. We are committed to helping you in each part of the submission cycle


The journey to publication excellence with fastidious manuscript preparation. Our UK-based specialists grasp the significance of a very organized, exhaustive manuscript. We work with you to refine your research, guaranteeing that it lines up with your field’s principles and requirements


Choosing the right journal is a basic move toward the publication cycle. Our experts help you in recognizing the most reasonable journals for your research. We think about elements like the focal point of your work, the interest group, and the journal’s effect variable to guarantee your research contacts the right crowd.


We offer content streamlining services to improve the clarity, rationality, and nature of your manuscript. This step includes cautious editing and proofreading, guaranteeing your work sticks to the best expectations of an academic manuscript.

Consistency with Guidelines

Various journals have explicit formatting and submission rules. Our specialists guarantee that your original copy agrees with these rules, decreasing the chance of dismissal because of formatting issues

Peer ReviewSupport

A peer review is a basic stage for submission. Our experts guide you through this interaction, assisting you with tending to reviewers’ remarks and upgrading the nature of your research.


On the off chance that your manuscript requires modifications or resubmission, we offer continuous help to guarantee your work is cleaned and prepared for publication

Article Publishing Writing Services from Scratch

In the domain of academic publishing, the significance of all-around created articles couldn’t possibly be more significant. We perceive that not every person who conducts pivotal research is a specialist in articulating their findings. Making a publishable article from scratch can be an overwhelming and time-consuming errand, and that is where Edinburgh Publication Services steps in as your dependable partner.

Our Article Publishing Writing Service is carefully intended to take care of the necessities of people who have outstanding research yet are looking for the direction and skill to change their work into a very organized, engaging, and profoundly coherent article prepared for submission to regarded journals and publications

Article Publishing Writing

The art of transforming

Our experienced team of experts is knowledgeable in the craft of changing raw research material into captivating articles. We start by digging into the depth of your research to completely appreciate your findings, procedures, and their importance. With this information, we build a convincing story that precisely conveys your research but also engages readers from the very first sentence till the last

Clearness and

One of the most difficult parts of composing an article is guaranteeing clearness and coherence. Our specialists carefully sort out your research discoveries, contentions, and supporting proof to make a consistent stream. This guarantees that your readers can undoubtedly understand the consistent movement of your work and handle the meaning of your work

Connecting with Your

Commitment is a basic part of effective article writing. We utilize different procedures to enrapture your audience. This incorporates creating convincing presentations, using powerful narrating methods, and consolidating connecting with visuals or charts when necessary. The outcome is an article that illuminates your readers, keeping them connected from beginning to end

Collaboration and

Throughout the process, we work together intimately with you, guaranteeing that your vision and experiences are at the very front of the article. We invite your feedback and criticism at each stage to guarantee that the eventual outcome is an impression of your remarkable research